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Photo Gallery

{These pictures are thumbnails: click on them to have a normal size view}

1/Windcall,Various pictures of the boat

2/The family..

3/Various locations and happenings




carre.jpg (80110 bytes)

The Main Cabin



VuePontCockpit.jpg (122863 bytes)



sunsetPenang.jpg (57655 bytes)

Sunset in Penang



  careneNumbo2.jpg (46018 bytes)


 in Noumea,  New Caledonia



carenageNrdPhuket.jpg (52327 bytes)

Maintenance, North of Phuket

careneLumut1.jpg (69962 bytes)

in Lumut

  mouillgegrotte.jpg (53629 bytes)

Anchored in Phang Na Bay


newpaint2.jpg (57279 bytes)

 in Sarrawak River


newpaint.jpg (56267 bytes)



  enrtessvoile.jpg (37676 bytes)

Under sails



Vueavant.jpg (117055 bytes)


sunset.jpg (74903 bytes)

Sunset in Butang Group, North of Langkawi



mouillageBako2.jpg (72684 bytes)

Anchored in Pulau Lakei, 
Bako National Park (Sarrawak)


sunsetKuching.jpg (66658 bytes)

Sunset in Kuching, Borneo


KuchingRiver.jpg (44666 bytes)

Kuching, Sarrawak River




2/ The Family

  CathCockpit.jpg (42387 bytes)



CathOlivPontavt.jpg (86196 bytes)

Catherine and Olivier, school time!


Ghublotcarre.jpg (52997 bytes)

The little "farfadet", Gaëlle


encire2.jpg (93225 bytes)

and the skipper, François


2huglo2roux.jpg (107082 bytes)

The blond heads are Windcall's crew


cathstripes.jpg (109327 bytes)

"Caths and stripes"


OliGalCalins.jpg (86646 bytes)

Sweet kids!






  beachsunset.jpg (59372 bytes)

Romantic Sunset in Butang


biteRailee.jpg (81671 bytes)

Railee Beach, Krabi, Thailand


lessiveCath.jpg (106984 bytes)

Laundry by the river, Koh Adang


pecheurs.jpg (91403 bytes)

Fishermen in Thailand



BaieNordPhiOlive.jpg (129968 bytes)

Jumping in Koh Phi Phi


kidsFeuxplage.jpg (90784 bytes)

Barbecue on the way, Koh Adang,
Butang group, Thailand

  Ureparamouillage.jpg (97022 bytes)

Anchored in Ureparapara, Banks (Vanuatu)


sailfish.jpg (94700 bytes)

Caught a SailFish near Koh Phi Phi (105079 bytes)

Port Vila, Vanautu

  sunsetNov95.jpg (75351 bytes)

Sunset in Koh Rok Nok, Thailand


Croc3.jpg (136745 bytes)

Big Salty "Crocs" in Carpenteria Gulf (Gove, Northern Territories, Oz)


morovo.jpg (95585 bytes)

Morovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands


13mars934.jpg (109888 bytes)

Big Birthday party on the pontoon,
Port Moselle  Noumea, N.C.



Pelican2.jpg (32213 bytes)

Low tide, Fishermen Warf, 
Darwin, Oz


baracuda.jpg (106969 bytes)

Barracuda for lunch (s)